Our company, Grant Global Associates, is a highly reputable venture capital-and-growth stage equity provider whose core area of operation is anchored but not necessarily confined in Switzerland and the EU nations. We are engaged over the whole spectrum of initial capitalization stage up to growth enhancement and management for existing business enterprises. As your partner, we seek to find the most efficient road map for your business to gain success in the market and, gaining that, to optimize and further strengthen your achieved status.

In satisfying our proven standards for excellence and success, you will attain a level of capital infusion that you can easily adapt according to any condition you may desire. Levels of capital from $1 million to $10 million are accessible to initial and new enterprises, while individual tranches of $30 million are also made available in the succeeding investment stage. We have within our industry network other providers of capital funds, allowing us to maintain the control and initiative over the investment’s well- being. In practice, whenever we invest in a certain business enterprise, we usually enter as a minor stakeholder.