In short, our planning approach involves understanding the influences of three reference-points in time. First, we see the client in the present in terms of earnings, savings, and tax exposure. Second, we look at where the client is in terms of needs and goals in the future, such as retirement, estate planning and inflation safeguards. Finally, we envision the client’s journey through the measures we apply in the present and evaluate how they can safely arrive at their projected destination with the beneficial and reliable guidance we provide along the way.

Just like investing, the process of doing financial planning is never a simple, linear path. With the passage of time, situations and objectives tend to change; and every capable financial planner must consider these changes in their analysis and must see them as part and parcel in their search for solutions. The way to financial success is an unpredictable, meandering road which requires close attention of such changes, for instance, having children, shift in work status, and governmental policy changes within the client’s home country.