What We Do?

  • For Investors

    As a totally independent, private financial company, Grant Global Associates does not deal with external control, pressures or inhibitions as we deliver the top-quality investment solutions and venture capital credit facilities. This capability to provide any kind of instrument, which is considered best-suited for an investor’s requirements, enables you to be free from any particular niche and not be restricted by lack of choices. That gives you solid reason enough to choose us as your partner, for down the road you will appreciate even more that partnership as your investment acumen grows with time.

    By eliminating commission-based accounts, Grant Global Associates discards the management of accounts that are simply unproductive and useless in terms of benefits to the client’s portfolio. Hence, the client attains reduced costs and a greater appreciation of the whole process, as well as the specific movements and their expected outcomes. The simple principle we follow is this: Whenever the client benefits, our company also benefits.

  • For Entrepreneurs

    Grant Global Associates commits to serving entrepreneurs by turning their vision into real, positive results, a commitment that it has kept for many years with great pride and undivided responsibility. Knowing that the business world’s continued health and dynamism depends on the key role played by innovators, we keep our eyes open as we search for potential candidates in the various sectors with whom we journey toward their desired success.

    For the entrepreneurs out there who think that their company possesses the determination and strength to soldier on within the prevailing financial climate and likewise consider Grant Global Associates has the capability to provide them the most viable investment strategy, kindly contact us for a meeting or, as an initial introduction of your company, provide us a proposed business plan through our website.

    On our part, we will meticulously evaluate and vet each document submitted by proponents, assuring each candidate of our corresponding thorough response within three weeks. Once we determine that your proposal merits our positive endorsement based on our standards for venture capital investment, we will schedule a meeting for a more detailed discussion to develop your proposal.